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CyHome is a cloud-based integrated property management platform that uses intuitive, innovative technology to manage a project’s day-to-day operations. It is an all-in-one solution for strata managers, facilities managers, vendors, landlords, and tenants.

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Client Stories

Learn how our clients benefitted from CyHome and change the way they manage properties.

Robust ERP for property management

Secure, reliable, and convenient real-time access to any data you may need. CyHome allows day-to-day tasks, reporting, customer service, and other needed features. All of these can be controlled by customizable roles, dashboards, reporting, editing, and functionality, built upon a structured system.

Intuitive management tool

Very easy and simple to understand with a clear interface, which reduces duplication of work and saves time. CyHome helps us with the automation of our processes, such as bills that can be generated automatically with configured formulas. It has a lot of available integrations and options on how to make our work easier.

Really appreciate CyHome’s CRM tool

We are able to track all residents’ information and interactions as there’s a place to store any key facts and communications of our residents. Furthermore, it is easy to track the stored resident data, which helps us to provide the best possible service when communicating with residents.

CyHome Property Management System Webapp

  • Digital Management

    Reduce the need for manual work and repetitive tasks, Store data in cloud, Optimization of charging and payment

  • Improve Resident Satisfaction

    Deliver services to residents faster, Helps better communication through reliable built-in help-desk

  • Cost Reduction

    Cut operational costs and improve efficiencies, Centralized business functions and decreased process times, Reduce labor burdens

CyHome Resident App

  • Connected Community

    Receive community announcement on the spot, Buy and sell new and second-hand items within your apartment community

  • Simplified Communications with Management Board

    Help-desk available for support requests

  • Convenient Living

    Pay fees and receive invoice with ease online, Book and enjoy facilities and services whenever you like

Why Partner with CyHome?

Resource Optimization

CyHome automates management processes, eliminating the hassles that traditional management methods bring in daily operations. Save time by deploying everything to the cloud on a single web-based platform from anywhere at any time. Resources optimized. Productivity, boost. 

Cost Effective 

CyHome integrated multiple features into one cohesive platform. With a robust integration platform, there’s no need to rack up unneeded maintenance costs or use various platforms to get things done. 


Simple doesn’t mean primitive. CyHome’s unified system provides our valued clients with intuitive ways to access features and a clean interface that’s easy to read and understand. 

Customer First 

Your satisfaction is our top priority. We value your feedback and try to incorporate your suggestions and ideas. Our experienced team will provide the best service for you and your customers, from technical support to maintenance service.

Sustainable Technology 

CyHome leverages cloud architecture technology, a more long-term and sustainable solution than traditional hardware and software, which reduces your business’s carbon footprint. We make it easy for companies to eliminate paperwork and improve data quality with digital data collection and delivery solutions.

Safe and Secure 

By implementing a digital solution and getting rid of paper, you can eliminate the vulnerability of data-printed documents through encryption. Furthermore, a digital document management system can provide a cloud backup for paper records, which is secure and easily recoverable. Until now, CyHome is the only solution that has achieved ISO 27001:2013 (Information security, cybersecurity and privacy protection), Pentest (OCSP standard) and Liability Insurance by QBE.

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Find out how CyHome can improve your building productivity and workflow management. 

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    Test out the solutions and features CyHome has prepared for you; we will also try to incorporate your suggestions and ideas based on your feedback.

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    Learn and get guided with in-depth tutorials

    CyHome guides you to understand and familiarize yourself with many of the tools and features available in the solution.

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    Everything is all set. Begin your digital journey right away!

What our customers say

Customer Stories 

Oberoi R
CEO at Herbs
Best Template for SAAS Company!

Dynamically create innovative core competencies with effective best
practices promote innovative infrastructures.

Joan Dho
Founder and CTO
Best Template for SAAS Company!

Dynamically create innovative core competencies with effective best
practices promote innovative infrastructures.


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