Property Management Software

CYFEER Joint Stock Company develops a total solution in the form of building a digital ecosystem to bring completely different benefits in the management of urban areas of the Investor and the Management Company.

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Results Our Customers Get

The digital ecosystem has the ability to link to software, smart home devices and other useful technology solutions to bring a completely different experience in the management of urban areas of the Owners. Private and Management Company

Financial transparency

Stored information, notification templates are systematized, convenient for management, monitoring and checking

Resource optimization

Management digitization helps to effectively manage the financial, technical systems and maintenance plans of the apartment building.

Update information quickly

The smart application on the phone is an interactive channel that helps residents reflect on service quality, update necessary information, and quickly and smoothly exchange work.

Management system for Management Board

  • Management digitization

    - Standardizing and synchronizing data to help the Management Company and the Investor build a process to expand the scale of operations, divide operating capabilities in different housing segments
    - Automating periodic operations.
    - Optimization of charging and payment

  • Improve resident satisfaction

    - Improve activities of providing management services for utilities, facilities, repair, maintenance...
    - Improve the quality of condominium operation management to bring satisfaction to residents

  • Cost savings

    - Flexible paid model
    - Refund policy, support to convert and allocate paid fees to projects
    - Preferential policies bring the most cost benefits to customers.

Mobile application for residents

  • Community Connection

    - Friendly application, easy to use
    - Receive information quickly from the Management Board, easily reflect to the Management Board
    - CyHome supports solving problems and questions of residents 24/7
    - Be part of a large community.

  • Easy online payment

    - One-touch payment
    - E-Invoice

  • Effective interaction with Management

    - Requests are processed quickly
    - All processes are digitized

  • Convenient

    - Experience all utilities
    - Automatic reservation

  • Smart home device

    - All devices integrated on 1 application
    - Integrate various devices

Why use CyHome?

  • Applying modern technology: mastering technology, mastering work, mastering life
  • Simple operation: the software is integrated on two platforms: smartphones and computers
  • High security
  • 24/7 management and monitoring
  • Cost savings
  • Minimize risks and errors with a professional, quality operating system
  • Optimize and focus

    Optimize performance and execution environment every day

    Centralize data to evaluate performance
  • Digitizing

    Digitize the entire process of billing, notification, payment and revenue recognition

  • Integration

    Integrating many solutions, Optimizing costs - Concentrating resources

  • Communicate

    Strengthen internal workflow

  • Advanced

    Enhance user experience

  • Process

    Solution consulting and demo

    CyHome has successfully implemented the solution for more than 200 customers and received high praise for its quality and optimization applied to condominium operation management.

    • Step 1

      Contact us

      Immediately send information to us so that experts with many years of experience can understand and advise solutions

    • Step 2

      Experience and use the solution

      Experience using the software’s utility features

    • Step 3

      In-depth tutorial training

      The team of training consultants helps customers delve into the application of product features to each business of operation management

    " Customer reviews"

    Customer reviews

    Oberoi R
    CEO at Herbs
    Best Template for SAAS Company!

    Dynamically create innovative core competencies with effective best
    practices promote innovative infrastructures.

    Joan Dho
    Founder and CTO
    Best Template for SAAS Company!

    Dynamically create innovative core competencies with effective best
    practices promote innovative infrastructures.

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